About Us

We are Vincent and Dan, the two McGill students who made Henko. We are graduating in 2011 and we love making games.

We are both currently working on Henko 2 and a project called Party of Sin. We form the coding team of Crankshaft Games.


Henko is a simple but addictive game. You must swap and match chinese symbols to create arrows. You won't get any points for arrows, but you do get points for throwing the shuriken. Every symbol or arrow you hit with the shuriken gives you points and every arrow you hit deflects the shuriken and increases your multiplier. You can swap two arrows any time. Create long chains of arrows to get the biggest combo you can. Once your shuriken hits the sides of the grid, it will take out a section of the wall. Don't fall through the hole next time or it will be Game Over.

A picture is worth a thousand words:


Henko is free and can be downloaded on the Windows 7 Phone Marketplace and the PC version can be downloaded at the following sites:

NOTE: Press ESC at the game over screen to return to the main menu

NOTE2: If you are having issues running the game, like "CLR Error", try reinstalling .NET Framework 4 by running the installer in the DotNetFX40Client folder in the zip file. I'm not sure what causes this, but if you run into any other trouble contact me! Email is in the readme file.


Note: 50% of donations will be given to the EFF. The remainder will fund Henko 2's development.

Henko 2

We plan to expand Henko and release Henko 2 for Mobile and PC platforms.

  • Better graphics
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android and others
  • Puzzle mode with as many levels as we can cram in.
  • Puzzle mode editor, for those who are interested.
  • Power ups and new tile types for the Shuriken to interact with.
  • Possibly a versus mode with an AI player where speed is of the essence.
  • Any ideas from the community we think are good!